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How To Build Relationships With Video Communications

Welcome to the NRG Digital Group blog and our inaugural post! NRG is a Video | Events | Web and App Design agency servicing clients along the M3 / M4 corridor. Our business is all about building relationships; building relationships with our clients and using digital tools to help them build relationships between customers and brands.

If you are a marketer you will know how important it is for brands to build relationships with their customers; video communications is ideally suited to facilitate this.

Why Are Video Communications Such An Effective Tool?

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words, well 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Forrester Research! Video on demand has rocketed in recent years and there seems little indication of this growing market reaching saturation anytime soon. Just look at these figures:

  • YouTube receives over 1 billion unique visitors every month.
  • One in three UK residents views at least 1 online video a week.
  • By 2017 video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic*.

It’s not hard to see why marketers think video is the future of content marketing, and why many companies are exploring the possibilities video presents. YouTube is now the second largest search engine; and people aren’t just searching for music videos or funny clips of animals, they’re also interested in companies and brands too.

How To Build Relationships With Your Customers

Marketing using video is not just about creating advertisements. It’s also about building brand awareness, using the power of the visual image to create content that customers want to buy into. For example, this recent John Lewis video talks about their latest advertising campaign; using “behind the scenes” footage, talking heads and a feel good soundtrack to raise brand awareness. Insights like these engage customers in a different way to standard advertisements, giving viewers a feeling that they are on the “inside” and are gaining privileged information. This not only appeals to customers and clients but suppliers, stockists and investors too.

Brand awareness is not only about selling products it’s also about showing customers what your brand stands for. Whether it’s your stance on environmental issues, or your image as a trend setting, innovative business; use video to communicate this to your customers and build relationships with them through a shared ideology.

Use Video To Sell Your Employer Brand

Your employees can be your greatest advocates so it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t consider how you can provide content that they too will engage with. Video is infinitely shareable and many of your employees will be active on social media. Creating tailored video content that reflects your company ethos and culture provides your employees with material to share. The advantage of this is that it can reach and engage potential recruits and customers / clients alike. Many of us want to get behind the company logo and brand image to find out what a business is like behind the scenes, video content does this and if we like what we see, we share it.

It’s a really exciting time for anyone involved in video communications, we are increasingly seeing how video can meet many of the challenges clients face when building relationships with their customers. Innovative approaches to video production results in engaging and stimulating content that can be shared via multiple platforms; and contributes to a strong brand image across all channels. To see some of the video content NRG Digital have produced, click here.

Have you used video to build relationships with your customers? What challenges do you face getting your brand image across? I would be really interested to hear your experiences, so please use the comments box below.

* Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2012–2017

photo credit: DG Jones via photopin cc

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