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To inspire others.
Together with Authenticity and Passion.

The stuff dreams
are made of.

When Robert Edmonds our Founder and Creative Director was eight years old he told his Mother that he was watching television, past his bedtime, because one day, he was going to make television.  And that is how nrg was born.

After several decades working across all areas of broadcast, Rob set up nrg. Determined to create a business with a difference, a single purpose drove every decision – to only ever create amazing and powerful visual media.

That was in 2015. Today, we are a team of passionate individuals who together have a synergy that works hard for each and every client and delivers nothing but amazing content. Together we have experience and knowledge that is both broad and deep. We are creative, vibrant and fun – as you’ll discover when you work with us. We are also down to earth, practical and agile. And for a business specialising in film, animation and events, we think that’s unusual.

We do what we do because we love it.  We want to inspire others. We want to harness the power of visual media.  We want the content we create for our clients to inspire their audiences and elevate their brand.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

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A key part of the team early on, not an add-on.
A perfect complement to my team.

They feel like part of the team.

They’ve been so good for us that we haven’t looked to work with others.

Extremely friendly, extremely responsive, extremely flexible.

No dramas…just pain free.