All you need to know about us
When we founded nrg in 2015, we wanted to create an agency with a difference. It’s that difference that we feel is truly represented in our vision and values:

To inspire others.
Together with Authenticity and Passion.

we do is underpinned
by our values

We are a practical, down to earth, vibrant & fun team, who share a passion for all things creative.

Our clients trust us to be a strategic partner, bringing our expertise and professionalism with our passion for creativity. That means not just working in partnership with you, but working collaboratively with your other agency partners; together, creating authentic content that inspires your audience and elevates your brand.

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A key part of the team early on, not an add-on
A perfect complement to my team
They feel like part of the team
They’ve been so good for us that we haven’t looked to work with others
Extremely friendly, extremely responsive, extremely flexible
No dramas…just pain free