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The Digital Trends we predict for a post-pandemic world

By 1 June 2021No Comments

behind the scenes image to support Digital trendsDigital trends in the post-pandemic business world

As workplaces up and down the country start to get back to normal after a year of pandemic disruption, it’s a good time to look ahead to some of the digital trends we’re likely to see in the coming months.

1. Making it personal

Personalisation has been a growing trend for some time, with techniques such as email segmentation and targeted social media ads being used to increase engagement, drive sales and boost customer retention. And video doesn’t need to be an exception – it is possible to deliver personalised video without busting the budget. Here are some ideas:

Edit content for different audiences

Personalise specific content within a generic video for different audiences. So instead of having just one recruitment video that is used to engage potential candidates across multiple departments and levels, add in personalised behind-the-scenes content for individual departments. Or add interviews with relevant key staff members. It’s a simple way to make your content more engaging and relevant to candidates. And careful planning can keep the cost down – shoot various alternative clips on the same day, for example, and record multiple interviews using the same set-up.

Personalisation and engagementdigital trends

Marketing data offers many opportunities to deliver personalised videos and create content customers want to share. Facebook is a great example of a brand using simple personalised videos to increase engagement with its users. Newsfeeds are full of people sharing short videos for ‘friendversaries’, birthday celebrations and other milestones. While you may not have access to your customer’s photos like Facebook has, there will be plenty of other data you can use to personalise your videos, such as:

  • products/services they have bought
  • when they first became a customer
  • when they last bought from you

2. Getting interactive

Allowing viewers to interact directly with the content they’re viewing is starting to prove popular – and is an effective way of engaging your audience. Companies such as Amazon and YouTube have already started to launch shoppable videos, for example – enabling viewers to purchase items directly from the video they’re watching. On a smaller scale, consider adding things like quizzes or polls to your videos to make them more interactive.

3. Social media videos

Social media has changed the way video content is viewed online and fuelled a growth in short, sharp videos for social media feeds. Vertical and ephemeral video trends have also started to emerge. With many people spending more time each day using a mobile phone than watching television, vertical video is fast becoming the preferred orientation. And ephemeral videos – that are only accessible temporarily, usually for 24 hours – are proving effective, engaging and addictive.

4. Animation

Animation became an essential tool during the pandemic, when companies were unable to shoot real footage. And many experts are predicting that the animation trend will gain even more momentum in the coming months, with new animation styles and techniques emerging. Fluid animation – a type of motion animation with persistent movement – is growing in popularity. Motion collage – a mixture of animation and video – is another trend we’re likely to see more of.

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