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Use of multi-channels – There is no wrong answer!

By 12 January 2021No Comments

image to support article about the use of multi-channelsInternal comms always comes with its fair share of challenges.

  • How do you make top-down information relevant to each department?
  • How do you reach and engage with employees wherever they are?
  • How do you collate and implement feedback?How can you measure your efforts?

What outcome do you want?

Let’s start at the beginning – what outcome do you want? Do you want to raise awareness? Do you want to help your staff understand something? Do you want to make them feel something? Or do you want to make them do something?

And there’s no wrong answer. You don’t lose points if you aren’t creating a multi-way conversation about the latest Covid-19 update from your CEO. Each channel within your business has its purpose, and the message you want to communicate will play a large role in which one you choose. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative in its delivery.

Want to raise awareness around the business and have regular updates that you need to communicate?

If you have a workforce that spend a lot of time on the computer or have access to company-owned mobile devices, try a mixture of:

  • Video updates, regular podcasts, intranet stories, webinars or traditional emails.
  • If you have a remote or “on-the-ground” workforce, why not try distributing office posters, posting out newsletters to home addresses, or (Covid-permitting) conducting roadshows.

Include Storytelling

If you’re aiming for more engagement, consider how you can include storytelling:

  • share blogs or success stories by other employees.
  • Host in-person or virtual workshops, or
  • Create interactive webinars that allow you to poll/Q&A your workforce. There are some great tools out there that won’t break the bank.


If you really want your workforce to take-action, consider gamification or rewards. Create a conversation on your internal social media or chat channels to amplify the camaraderie and competition and watch your engagement levels sky-rocket!

The Measurement Challenge?

But how do you measure success? Unfortunately, there isn’t a single answer to this one! You’ll probably need to work with various teams across the business to pull your data together, which can be time consuming and arduous to collate into a usable format. Then what do you measure it against? The most obvious solution is to align with the business objectives and collect the most relevant data to create relevant KPIs that leadership will respond to. And if you can create a dashboard that tracks this data, you’re on to a winner. It may be a big commitment depending on where you are in your Internal Comms journey, but it might be the best investment you make once it’s up and running.

If you aren’t quite ready for that but still want to prove what you’re doing is working, you can measure some level of engagement with pulse surveys or temperature checks in order to understand what your employees want to know and how they want to receive the information.

Listen to and implement their suggestions and you’ll see positive things.

For more information on The Measurement Challenge, please have a look at our ideas here.


If you would like to talk about improving your use of multi-channels, we love to chat at nrg. If you have any questions, please give us a call 01252 717707 or email



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