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How to innovate your internal communications

By 12 October 2020December 17th, 2020No Comments

lightbulb ideas graphic to support article about internal communications innovationHow do we “innovate” our internal communications?

With everything going on in the world currently, it is important not to let your communications go stale. We are continually looking to find new ways to share information across a more widely spread audience, making sure you can still engage with your audience whether they are working at home or in the office. These are our tips on how to innovate your internal communications…

There are always going to be barriers.

In every organisation there are barriers to innovation.

Take cost control for example: If every piece of content created needs to be written to a specific cost centre it builds a culture where the only things that are valued are those that add immediate monetary value.

In addition, there is risk aversion: If an organisation is not open to taking risks and trying new things it will be almost impossible to create a new innovative piece of comms to really engage with the business.

So, how do you start to create more innovative comms?

As a business nrg is always asking our clients to know and define their Why, What and How? Focusing on these type of thought processes will naturally encourage people to “innovate” to create new ideas and platforms for their internal communications.

What things need to be present to create innovative comms?

  • Freedom to have ideas
  • Freedom / permission to experiment
  • Time for doing so

Ideas – Ideation (formerly brainstorming or mind mapping) is crucial to success. Gathering your IC team to put their heads together will create new and interesting ideas. The more diversity you can introduce in your team in terms of expertise and individual characteristics the more diverse your ideas will be.

Once an innovative internal communications plan is created, it is vital to create the “wow” factor!

How are you going to share your comms with the business?

Move beyond talking heads and PowerPoint slides. Look at creating great content and eye-catching campaigns.

Make sure you:

  • Make the mission and vision clear;
  • Produce comms that strengthen connections and create open dialogue and
  • Encourage information sharing.

Have a clear call to action

If you want higher response rates to your employee broadcasts, you need to write CTAs which inspire employees to act. Have one call to action for each piece of content created. Multiple links and CTAs just create confusion around where to click first and add the pressure of finding the time to click them all!

Want all your innovative communications to be read or watched? Then……

  • Stop sending so many —Even great videos will be ignored if your employees are receiving too much content. Employees will start to feel resentful about the time wasted, instead of informed.
  • Send information to the right people — Make sure you send information to specific employees and teams instead of the entire company. This way employees will appreciate that all the comms they receive have a specific need or purpose. Leading to them being read or watched and the CTA followed.

If you want to talk about how we may be able to help you innovate your internal communications, mail us at or call on 01252 717707.

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