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5 ways to stay positive during lockdown

By 17 April 2020October 21st, 2020No Comments

Hello from the virtual NRG team! We wanted to touch base with you all and share a few ideas that we’ve learned over the last few weeks about staying positive. These are our 5 ways to stay positive during lockdown.

At NRG we’re a sociable bunch and really love working together. So it’s been a bit of an adjustment going from a busy studio to everyone working remotely in their own space. However, we feel like we’re managing to replicate some of our company culture digitally. That’s helping to keep that special NRG team spirit alive!

If you and your team are feeling a bit down because of working from home, lockdown, self-isolation, shielding, social distancing and all the other terminology that’s entered our lexicon this year, try some of our suggestions to see if they help.

  1. Zooooommmm lunchtime socials

We were already familiar with Zoom before the lockdown. It’s a useful tool for digital meetings with clients in other parts of the country. However, we’d never used it to keep connected as a team. We now have two Zoom meetings everyday: one for work and the other is a lunchtime social. Lunchtime is strictly ‘no work’ where we chat about general life, what we got up to over the weekend or previous evening, and films. Lots about films as you can imagine, since we’re all passionate about the movie industry.

  1. Over-communicate

Contact with other human beings is really important. Although you may be stuck at home with your nearest and dearest, you may long to talk shop with a colleague, share your frustrations or have a humble brag about what you’ve achieved in the last 24 hours.

The good thing is everyone else is in the same boat and won’t mind you interrupting their day to have a quick chat (voice, video or message). Do it and give yourself and your colleagues a positivity boost!

  1. Gaming is not an anti-social activity during lockdown!

As well as being film buffs, some of our team are also into gaming. Since lockdown, other members of the team have also discovered that games like Fortnite and Minecraft can actually be a social experience by playing together, and that you’re allowed to play if you’re over 14!

If you’re not into online games or you can’t persuade the rest of your team to join you, why not try another activity together like taking part in a virtual pub quiz?

  1. Take virtual tour

Feeling stir crazy within your 4 walls? Loads of visitor attractions like museums, art galleries and landmarks now offer virtual tours. Use them to escape for a while or plan what you’re going to do when lockdown ends. Other venues are live streaming on YouTube, including Birdworld (just down the road from NRG HQ) where you can watch all the action on penguin beach between 6am and 8pm.

  1. Get moving

It’s well documented that exercise boosts feelings of wellbeing and fortunately we are allowed to leave our houses to go for walk, run or cycle ride. The NRG team all have their favourite activities, especially Indy the NRG hound, but we’ve also introduced some new workouts thanks to Joe Wicks!

Yes, we know Joe Wicks’ Daily PE Lesson is aimed at kids (and many of us are doing it with our children) but we’ve all become fans and join in too. If Joe isn’t your cup of tea, there are loads of other free workouts on YouTube so you’re bound to find something, or someone, that is.

We hope that these 5 ways to stay positive during lockdown will be helpful in your workplace and at home. Keep connected with the NRG team via our social media channels where we’ll share more of what we’re up to during lockdown.

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