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Why corporate video doesn’t mean dull video

By 10 December 2019October 27th, 2020No Comments

There are plenty of jokes about corporate video: how dull, staged, cheesy and uninspiring they can be. But, as The Blow Monkey’s sung in 1986, it doesn’t have to be this way. (Look it up if you missed out on this top 10 classic!)

Corporate video can actually be inspiring, entertaining and engaging when you have a purpose, a good story to tell and some creative vision. Here I share 5 ways to ensure your corporate videos are far from yawn inducing:

5 ways to make your corporate videos unmissable

  1. Benchmark your competitors

Have a look at your competitors’ videos to see how high the bar has been set and what kind of approach they take. The aim is to differentiate your company from your competitors so you can ensure your corporate video stands out. You can also learn from them by analysing the engagement they get on their content, such as the volume of interactions on social media. Are people sharing, commenting and liking their videos? Are they engaging with them for the right or wrong reasons?

  1. Understand what your audience wants

Corporate videos need to be pitched at your target customers or internal stakeholders, depending on the purpose of each film. If you want people to engage with your content you need to give them something of what they want. That includes both the information you share and the style of the production. Knowing your target audience is key.

  1. Have a purpose

Why are so many corporate videos ineffective? More often than not it’s simply because no one has taken the time to define goals for the content. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from your video content, how will your audience know how to respond and what to do with that content? Make sure you’ve articulated what that is and give your video production team a clear brief so they can align the creative vision with your objectives.

  1. Tell a story

The most engaging corporate videos have a strong narrative. That’s what we expect from content that has a start and a finish, to be taken on a journey rather than have random or unconnected snippets of information broadcast at us. The stronger the narrative: the more engaging the content. So make sure the creative vision for your company’s video tells a story – and a story your target audience will engage with.

  1. Ignore the naysayers

Those commentators that tell you the video is dull and doesn’t stand a chance of winning an Academy Award, are not necessarily providing the best advice. Are those commentators your target audience and is your intention to win an award? If the answer is no, get some feedback from someone who is. After all, while receiving an award for ‘best corporate video’ is nice that’s probably not the purpose of your video. And while you could create a modern masterpiece, if your target audience don’t engage with it, it’s not doing what it should.

I’m not suggesting that if your target audience is a bit boring you need to create a dull corporate video – everyone needs some excitement in their life – but you’ve got to take your audience on a journey with you, so make sure it’s one they want to take.

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