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Social media video for Facebook – our tips

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Most companies and organisations have a Facebook page and therefore a need for large amounts of content to populate it with. Social media videos are a very effective way of engaging customers on Facebook. They’re highly accessible, easy to understand and can compel viewers to change their behaviour or take an action like buying a product or visiting your brand’s website.

As a video production company we regularly create short social media clips for our clients. In fact, even when we’re asked to create different assets we often reposition this video content for Facebook.

Below I share a few tips for creating and using your video content on Facebook for maximum effect.

Video marketing tips on Facebook

  1. Facebook likes native video content

This means that the Facebook algorithm favours videos that have either been created directly in Facebook or have been uploaded to Facebook. Sharing a link to your video on YouTube is not the same, and as Facebook is increasingly in competition with Google (the owners of YouTube) YouTube links don’t get as much exposure.

  1. 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound off

Therefore your video content needs to work effectively without audio. A visual narrative combined with captions or graphics that help highlight your message is the best approach. We often don’t include any voice elements in a social media video, instead using music as the only audio element.

  1. Most Facebook video views happen on mobiles

Consequently your video content needs to work on a small screen. Having a clear narrative and strong visuals makes it more engaging for mobile users.

  1. Keep your Facebook videos short and sweet

Because many users are viewing Facebook content on mobiles (i.e. they’re out and about grabbing a few minutes to catch up). And because Facebook newsfeeds move incredibly fast with so much new content being added every second, your videos need to be short and sweet.

Facebook advise less than 2 minutes to quickly tell your story and ensure that viewers watch until the end.

  1. Don’t mess around with a long intro

If you’ve got only 2 minutes to engage someone, you need to cut to the chase. Avoid long intros, launch straight into the action to grab people’s attention. Simple techniques such as asking a question are a great way to start a social media video. Remember, the sound may be off so position your question as a graphic.

  1. Make sure your video is the right size

Videos can be shared on Facebook in a variety of ways, such as a ‘shared post’, Facebook story or video ad. All have different specifications and, in the case of Facebook video ads, there are many different types – desktop newsfeed, carousel, collection, canvas etc. Make sure you upload videos with the correct specification so they’re optimised for each platform. For example, a standard shared post that lives in your page feed, should be:

  • Ideally 1280 x 720 for landscape and portrait
  • Have a minimum width or length of 600 pixels, depending on the aspect ratio
  • Use a landscape aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Or a portrait aspect ratio of 9:16
  • Have a max file size of 4GB.
  • And the preferred video formats are .MP4 and .MOV.
  1. Choose an engaging thumbnail

When uploading videos for using in Facebook ads you will have a choice of video thumbnail. This is the image that’s featured when the video isn’t playing. Make sure it’s something compelling that will persuade people to play your video!

Finally, don’t forget to include a CTA in your video content so that viewers know what to do next.

To see some examples of social media video clips we’ve produced for our clients, get in touch with the team. We’d be happy to share some links so you can see how they perform on Facebook and get inspiration for your content.

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