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FinTech brand videos: why a demo video can be better than a promo

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There are many different types of brand videos that FinTech companies can use to engage their target audiences. These range from promotional content, essentially a sales pitch, to explainer content (showing users exactly how a product works). Sitting somewhere in between is the demo video, a video (or animation) that shows the product at its full potential – both exploring its capabilities and inspiring viewers with what they could do with your product.

FinTech videos: when is a demo not a demo?

Most FinTech companies offer prospects a demo at some point in the sales process. That might be a walk-through with a salesperson or access to a self-service product demo so they can explore it in their own time. However, there are a couple of issues with demos – especially when the prospect is new to your product.

With live demos the prospect is often not familiar enough with the product to be able to get a real idea of its potential for their business and the user experience. It can be difficult to visualise how it will work for their business while they’ve got an eager salesperson trying to sign them up too.

A self-service product demo gives the prospect more time to familiarise themselves with the product, without the pressure of a salesperson breathing down their neck. However, the average user may find it difficult to really explore its full potential, especially as they’ll need to spend time doing this by themselves.

That’s where the demo video comes in. This isn’t to replace your live or self-service demos, it’s to start the conversation and trigger interest. It will also help prospects get more out of a live or self-service demo so they really explore the product’s potential.

That means that the CTA from a demo video isn’t necessarily to ‘buy now’ but instead to sign up for a ‘real’ demo, request a quote or further information etc.

What does an engaging FinTech video demo look like?

Remember this isn’t an explainer video which are usually structured with a problem or need such as “Sarah needs to do x,y,z this is how to do it using our product”; with an animation showing the steps and a happy Sarah at the end.

Instead this video shows the functionality of the product, the positive end result and the experience of using it. It also shows your product in its best light, exploring its full potential (which the average user might not fully discover), seamlessly but authentically.

A demo video also uses all the storytelling devices that your brand promotional videos use, walking your prospects through a narrative based around using your product successfully. It helps people to visualise themselves using the product and reaping the rewards. It also helps them understand the functionality so they can explore features in more depth when they actually get their hands on your product.

Here’s an example of an engaging demo video for one of our clients:


As you can see the focus of this type of video is the user experience. If your prospects find that engaging, they’ll be ready to experience the product for real.

Have a look at our portfolio for more inspiration about how you can use video to engage your customers.

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