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B2B Marketing Expo 2018 – The Essence Of Inspiration

By 9 March 2018October 12th, 2020No Comments

This month NRG Digital will be at the B2B Marketing Expo at London’s Excel Centre, where our founder and Creative Director, Rob Edmonds, will be talking about The Essence of Inspiration.

Those of you who know Rob, or follow this blog, will know that he is passionate about how brands and organisations can use video content to inspire their audiences. But what is inspirational? I think it’s fair to say that many B2B companies struggle to identify what is inspiring about their business, their products, and what they do for their customers. Without this sometimes-elusive factor, it can be really hard to find effective ways to communicate with your audience, or market a product or brand.

In his talk Rob will be exploring how to extract those inspiring factors, and then how to use them to successfully engage with a B2B audience; inspiring them to take action or change their behaviour.

While, I’m not going to share Rob’s talk in any more detail – you’ll need to attend the B2B Marketing Expo on Wednesday 21st March for that – it might be useful to get warmed up to his theme by thinking a bit more about who or what inspires you.

Discover if NRG Digital could help you find your inspiration – get in touch today.

How Inspirational People Can Inspire Your Corporate Videos

As business leaders, marketing execs or communications professionals who inspires you and why? Sportspeople, artists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, world leaders?

I think inspiration is subjective. We’re not all inspired by the same people or things, and sometimes when we say that someone is inspirational, we don’t really mean it because we’re not really inspired to take an action or change our behaviour.

So how can we apply this to communicating corporate messages through the power of video?

I think the first thing is that generally what’s inspiring about your brand or products is actually not the shiny logo or shiny product, but the people behind them.

Secondly, that what inspires you about your company might not be the same thing that inspires your customers.

Thirdly, that we need to understand why something is inspiring if we’re going to be able to use it to communicate with other people.

And finally, we must align our objectives for creating inspirational video content with the action or behavioural change it provokes. We need to find the inspirational factor that will inspire our target audience to take the action we want.

In essence this is what we do at NRG, help our clients to identify what is inspiring and what can inspire their customers (or employees or other stakeholders) to take action or change their behaviour.

Rob will be expanding on this in a lot more detail at the B2B Marketing Expo, if you’re planning to visit don’t miss his talk on Weds 21st March at 14:00 in Theatre 5. Further details can be found here.

Why not book in for a chat with Rob at the show? Click here to get in touch.

NRG Digital is also exhibiting at the Expo. Come and say hello, and chat a bit more about inspirational video content. We’re on Stand #1124.

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash

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