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Video Booms In 2016! What Does 2017 Hold?

By 23 December 2016October 27th, 2020No Comments

It’s been a great year at NRG Digital – after all we were nominated for a BAFTA, it really doesn’t get much better than that!

Besides our BAFTA nomination (read more about it here), we’ve had a very busy year. It’s fair to say, video is booming. We’ve had clients, old and new, coming to us for all kinds of video content. Darren has been operating the drone to create fantastic aerial footage, the studio team have worked on a variety of animated video content, and we’ve also told lots and lots of stories to bring brands, organisations and messages to life.

My highlights from 2016, not forgetting that BAFTA nomination, include:

Breaking the Barriers of Bullying: This awareness raising film highlighted the issues surrounding bullying and left viewers with an empowering message about how to deal with it. The film resulted in over 255,000 YouTube views and provided the client with a strong platform for their campaign in Bullying Awareness Week. Watch here.

Blue Tree Recruits: The film we produced for our client Blue Tree Recruits tells the story of why they decided to gift a donation and Christmas presents to Southampton Children’s Hospital. It’s a great example of have companies are increasingly using video to tell all kinds of stories – not just for marketing their services or products. Watch here.

SignHealth: How do you create a video that explains very complicated and convoluted legislation in a way that educates and engages NHS professionals and the deaf community? The answer in this case is to create a fairytale that borrows a little from Monty Python. This video animation was commissioned by The Deaf Health Charity and has had great feedback from its intended target audience. Watch here.

Corporate Partnerships with Phyllis Tuckwell: This year we have worked again with local charity The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, this time creating a film that raises awareness of how companies can get involved with the charity. The film highlights the work of the charity and it’s important role in the local community, but also the benefits of corporate partnerships to those businesses involved. This video content was created for the charity’s social media channels and as marketing assets for the corporate partnership team. Watch here.

Echostar: We always love an opportunity to get the drone out and so it was a logical choice to convey the scale of a project our client Echostar delivered. With the advent of drones, aerial filming has become an affordable option for many companies, creating dynamic and impactful content. Watch here.

This is just a snapshot of some of the projects we’ve been involved in this year. As you can see video is being used for a wide range of purposes, by all sorts of different companies and industries. While the costs involved in creating high quality video content have reduced in recent years – making it a more affordable option for many organisations – the most significant factor in this video boom is the results it delivers.

Investing marketing budget in video content can be a big decision for many companies, but we’re finding that clients keep returning for more. They’re finding that their target audiences respond much better to video content than many other forms of content, and therefore they’re getting excellent ROI.

Getting value from video productions depends on a number of factors – the objectives of the content, the platform it will be used on, the target audience etc. – and I believe this is why our films are so successful. We’re really passionate about making great films and we want to see them succeed. Therefore we delve deep; really finding out what it is our clients need to be successful, and how we can help them get as much value out of the video content produced.

All the indications are that video will continue to engage viewers in 2017; in fact in those ‘predictions’ style blog posts ‘demand for video’ has been in the top spot for several years! I expect that 2017 will be another booming year for video with companies finding that their customers want more and more content delivered in this way.

So it’s been a great year for us at NRG – did I mention we also got nominated for a BAFTA?! If you would like to talk to us about your video communications strategy for 2017, please do get in touch.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Rob Edmonds

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