Tips For Getting More Out Of A Video Production Day

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Investing in video content when you haven’t done it before can be a big step to take for a B2B company. Getting value for money will be a key consideration, as will be ensuring you have a strategy for using the finished product to the max.

Often when a marketing manager or business owner approaches NRG about creating some video content, they have a single video in mind. This might be a promo video sharing the company’s ethos and values, or an explainer video to communicate a concept or services. This video content will then be used in a multitude of ways to ensure it reaches the target audience and fulfils its’ objectives However, there are also other ways you can get more for money out of your video production day.

Maximising Content On Your Video Production Day

When clients come to us they have three key concerns:

  1. How they will use that video to get the best return,
  2. How much the video will cost,
  3. How much time key members of staff will need to set aside for filming.

As we shared in this post there are many methods you can use to reach your target audience, maximise the exposure a video gets, and ensure a positive ROI. There are also ways you can reduce costs, get more for your money and minimise the amount of time your staff need to be involved.

This involves careful planning of your video production day, a clear video strategy and some foresight. Instead of focusing on just one video we would recommend exploring how you can create more videos out of your limited time. Those videos don’t necessarily need to be completed all in one go; but the essential components can be filmed ready to be used at a later date, or rolled out over a period of weeks or months.

This approach is particularly useful if you require key members of your team to participate, for example if a director is needed for an interview. Instead of filming responses for one video with just a few more minutes we can film responses to questions that are relevant for other video content too. This means that there is no need to schedule another filming session with that individual at a later date – and all the logistics that requires.

Similarly if filming involves access to a location and could interrupt normal workflow, we can minimise disruption by filming content for a number of videos in one go. The same goes for any locations that involve a hire fee, maximising that day rate by shooting a bank of content for future use.

Reducing costs and time spent on creating video will certainly appease those in high places, and video content agencies like NRG can generally reduce the cost of individual videos when using this approach. It might not be two for the price of one – but there are savings to be had!

Planning Your Video Content

To make this successful, it’s essential to have a clear video strategy so that video production days and the use of other resources are planned for meticulously. This means thinking about the kind of content you need to fulfil your business objectives. A good example of this is a recruitment agency we are working with.

They came to us to enquire about some ‘employer branding’ video content. As a rapidly growing business they need to recruit internally quickly and felt that video content would give new recruiters a great sense of what it’s like to work for their agency.

This video will feature key members of staff taking about the agency and available roles, other recruiters sharing why they like working for the company, and content reflecting the company culture and ethos of the business.

It sounded like a good plan. However, if we’re going to interview recruiters about working for a recruitment agency, it makes sense to also interview them about the sectors they recruit for; the candidates they want; and what makes their agency the ‘go to’ agency for clients in those industries.

We’ve put together a plan to film enough footage to not only create an employer brand video, but also a series of videos aimed at candidates, as well as video content specifically for their target clients.

While naturally they’ve had to find a slightly larger budget for all these additional videos, costs are significantly lower than producing them independently. They also have an exciting plan of how they will utilise all this great content to grow the business further. For instance ‘career advice’ style content will be embedded into blog posts on their website and shared directly on social media and YouTube. It’s likely to reach a much wider audience than their standard posts, as video is so much more accessible and sharable than text heavy content.

Videos aimed at clients will also have more clout. Featuring the directors of the agency talking about the issues faced by the sectors they operate in and building their authority as ‘thought leaders’ in their field. It will also help to build client relationships, putting faces to names and giving clients a sense of what it’s like to partner with this agency.

While creating a whole series of videos may seem a bit ambitious to you, especially as a first step, I would strongly recommend that you consider whether you can get more out of the video production day and use your resources more wisely. Even if this just means banking footage for a later date.

If you would like to discuss this further and explore how this strategy can be aligned with your marketing or communications goals, please get in touch. Call me on 01252 717707 or email

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