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Should You Engage A Video Production Company?

By 6 April 2016October 27th, 2020No Comments

As more and more organisations wake up to the power of video it becomes harder to differentiate your business from that of your competitors. Got a ‘how to’ video? Yes they have too. Got a company promo video on your website homepage? Ditto, and more video content on other pages of their site.

While we know that people increasingly favour watching videos over other forms of content, the billions hours of video uploaded online is making the market increasingly competitive. It wasn’t so long ago that a video on a company website was a novel experience, and this innovation was enough to counteract any amateur production values. Take the simple ‘how to’ video where once your customers would have been thankful for any video instructions, however poor the quality, provided they could see what to do.

Now, however, the landscape has changed with countless ‘how tos’, and other video content exploding on YouTube, social media and company websites. Having a video is no longer a differentiator in itself, which means that the standard of video content both from a creative and production point of view needs to compete with others using broadcast quality content.

Want to be taken seriously in your sector? You need a seriously good video. Want to be viewed as innovative and forward thinking? Your video content should reflect this too.

This all points to the need to get some expert, professional help. So, what should you be looking for when engaging a video production company? Here are my tips for hiring a great video production company:

1. Ask To See Recent / Relevant Projects

Video production companies like ourselves have a showreel that provides an overview of projects we’ve been involved in. However, it won’t show you films in their entirety just clips that fit well together. So although this will provide you with a bit of background and give you a good reason to contact the video company, you should also ask to see complete projects too. This will help you understand how they’ve used video to communicate a message, tell a story, and deliver results for their clients, rather than just the pretty bits that go on the showreel!

2. Look At Several Video Production Companies

Even if you’ve discovered a video production company who you’re confident you would like to work with, it’s worth exploring your options. If anything this may just confirm that you’ve found the perfect video partner, but you may find that other video companies are a better fit. It’s fair to say that some agencies are technically proficient but don’t have the creativity of other companies; while others may make great looking content but don’t deliver on conversions.

3. Get A Few Quotes

While you’re looking at different video production companies you might as well ask them all to quote. You may find that you get quite a range of quotes that should be aligned with the quality of their projects, but this might not always be the case. As a rule thumb if you have the budget spend it as you will get what you pay for in terms of creativity, production values, experience and ROI. If you’re not sure whether a company is offering value for money, dig a bit deeper. For example, if their clients are on YouTube check out the engagement their videos are getting for an idea of how successful they are, and ask to see testimonials for recent projects.

As organisations have a growing demand for video content it’s worth spending some time identifying a video production company you can partner with long term. The benefits of this are that they really gets to understand your company culture, ethos and objectives, which helps them create great video content aligned with your brand.

Our most recent video projects are on our YouTube channel, which you can see here.

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