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Marketing doesn’t always have to be a ‘hard sell’ – why not use your strategy to start a conversation instead?

Traditionally marketing focuses around one core ideal: convincing the consumer that they need your ‘product’. While this is tried and proven method, it can be seen as a blunt, direct and obvious form of marketing. In a digital age where more people are advertising than ever, sometimes being ‘different’ can help your brand stand out from the rest.

Instead of the conventional approach, pushing a ‘product’ or ‘service’ directly, why not be more sophisticated? Some companies are choosing to promote a feature or benefit that isn’t necessarily associated directly with their ‘product’ itself.

Marketing Conversation Strategies

For example in a recent ad campaign by Nescafé France – they gave Parisian commuters a special copy of the city’s metro newspaper, containing 2 foldout paper cups so they could ‘share’ a coffee with a stranger or someone at the office.

What I like about the ad, is that it doesn’t preach about the ‘qualities’ of the product itself – i.e. the ‘amazing taste’, aroma, or freshly ground beans etc. – instead they focus entirely on something else the product inspires: A conversation. The whole point of the ad is it gets people talking – not just about the ad itself, but having a chat over a coffee too.

It highlights that their coffee is more than just a great product – it’s also a common ground – the starting point of daily conversation.

Get People Talking About Your Marketing Campaigns

This twist on modern marketing is a great new approach and adopting it to your brand could help you create something that’s fresh, different and really gets you noticed.

Seen another advert you liked? What got you talking lately? We’d love to know, so leave us a comment in the box below.

If you’re interested in starting a conversation, why not have a chat with us at NRG Digital, and see how we could help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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